Maison Fay


Each Maison Fay item is unique. It is made from our vintage textile stock.The range is constantly changing-for more selection, catch us at a fair.

The linens which we use were all hand-embroidered between about 1920 and 1960 usually by women for home decoration, or by a surprising number of men especially those at sea. Though some common patterns and themes reoccur each cloth is a one-off thanks to the workers choices of colour, stitch type and skill Ievel. These linens are getting harder to source. Jumble sales have largely disappeared and charity shops or house clearance agents tend to send them straight to ‘recycling’. That all the work, effort and dreams which went in to the clothes results in nothing more than mattress stuffing is a tragedy. As we rework the discarded and Iost linens we think about the people who created them. If we can transmit something of them by the careful placing of the pattern pieces and can convey our pIeasure in that to our customers, they Iive on.

We pre-soak, hot wash and line dry the linen before carefully pressing. The cloths ‘tell’ us what garment/accessory it will be at this stage as we assess the lay of the pattern of embroidery before cutting. Our first priority is useful pretty clothing. Any corners or Ieftovers become accessories, followed by patchwork, such that no scrap of loveliness is wasted.

NB. This is just a small selection of items we stock. New things are constantly being crafted so please contact directly if you would like something in a particular colourway, or several similar, etc We will be posting more on to the website shortly.





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